Our Partnership

Our Partnership

One day in the life of every racehorse comes his last race. For the best stallions and mares, life as a stud or broodmare awaits them. But what happens to the masses that do not make it to a carefree life?

Every year, thousands of retired racehorses are slaughtered for human consumption. … When a horse can’t command a high price from a breeder and an owner wants to unload them quickly for cash, slaughterhouses provide the option – often under the guise of “euthanasia.

Libertys Home’s mission is to give retired racehorses the opportunity to be retrained as recreational horses for children and adults. Racehorse vs Recreational Horse. Two worlds collide. In many leisure stables, former racehorses are not welcome guests. They are considered crazy, dangerous, not suitable for herds and difficult to handle. So when a racehorse has to end its career for various reasons, Libertys Home makes its life as nice as possible by professionally retraining it for normal leisure life before selling it. Thus, many people and children can still have fun with their horse and may have saved a life.


Mustang Token has made it its business to support different charitable organizations. We start with Libertys Home because our token has the nice name Mustang Token and horse memes are the main feature at the beginning. Libertys Home is very local and easy to reach for us, so we can follow and check the progress on the spot.