Mustang spirit

Our vision:


What is actually the idea behind Mustang? What makes Mustang special? What is the core of the idea? We at Mustang have been talking about the 24 hour trading volumes. These vast sums of money that are traded every day. It is already a gigantic sum within cryptocurrencies alone. It’s even more if you extend this to the entire financial world. We philosophized about how great it would be if only a very small percentage flowed into charities, renewable energies/sustainability, animal welfare and environmental protection.


We would probably have a few less problems in the world! $15,910 billion was traded on Nasdaq in 2019. A small calculation example – if only 0.01% were to flow into these areas with every trade, that would be $1,591,000,000. A fantastic sum of money from such a small percentage and it would probably hardly be noticed.


There is much talk but little action. We would like to make a statement here, we would like to be the pioneers with our Mustang. We want to make it easy for everyone to do good. We want to provide for a better future through charity & donations whilst you earn money.


We have started with a partnership with Liberty Home – a donation has already been made. We would like to continue and expand this in the future. It isn’t going to stop there. Our vision for the future is to build on this and support other projects. In the future we would like to review institutions and organizations worldwide to see if they qualify for a donation. If, in our opinion the money will be well spent we will support them.


Whether it is the turtle sanctuary in Florida, the ranch in the American heartland, climate protection at the poles, wildlife conservation, the reforestation of the Amazon or the development of wells in Africa.


We would like to find the best projects worldwide and present them to our community, so that they can participate in deciding what is being supported by voting.


We would like voting to take place as often as possible to choose which organisation should be considered next. -nature conservation -animal welfare -renewable energy/sustainability- -charity.


What if we could influence others in the financial world through our actions? We at Mustang hope that we can inspire other organisations to follow our vision. That people ask themselves: “Why can’t it be implemented in every financial product like Mustang? Surely that would be an effective and simple approach to making the world a whole lot better? The public perception and the demands could increase the pressure on the providers of financial products so that they have to bow to this pressure if they want to remain attractive to their investors.


This pressure is already arising. Providers of large funds are already forced to include “green/sustainable” companies in their portfolio.


Why not push this further?