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Mustangtoken is a progressive auto-staking token that pays out rewards just for holding it within your wallet!


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Dear Community, Rumours have been circulating for some time. Now we have to announce the sad certainty. Many know that our CEO and responsible founder has withdrawn for psychological reasons.

We also assumed that the pressure was too much for him. We had no direct contact with him and he had barricaded himself in his flat almost psychotically. Until today, we could not publish all the details because of the lawyer’s duty of confidentiality. –🙏We would like to be more transparent with the community at this point. However, we did not want to block any possible options in the negotiations in order to achieve the best possible result for all of us.🙏– But now that the negotiations are over, we can report on our weeks-long struggle. This is what happened:

We contacted a lawyer to buy out the tokens still held by Valerian (just under 50 trillion) as part of a deal to protect the liquidity pool. Unfortunately, he was not interested in a solution at all, but demanded EUR 25,000.00 and 25 trillion tokens for the surrender of his other 25 trillion tokens, despite the damage he caused.

According to his lawyer, we should also swear that Valerian was never our CEO! Absurd and even illegal, because that’s exactly what he was! This is blackmail! Because he knows that he can completely destroy the project by selling his tokens. So our backs are against the wall and we now had to make a quick decision: 1. we simply let the project go under. This would have meant that the tokens would have been worth nothing in the long run and Valerian (Captain Kirk) would have pulled the last of the money out of the liquidity. or 2. we try a new beginning!

And that is exactly what we are doing now! Valerian will not get the chance to pull any more money out of the project. We will prepare an airdrop for all Mustang token owners! There will be a new token and we will distribute this token to all owners except Valerian’s wallet. To do this, all transactions, withdrawals will be temporarily blocked and your funds will be protected. Valerian will not be able to sell his MUSTANG tokens! We are also discussing an even better option with another project about a deposit of the Mustang tokens to keep them going in a healthy Valerian-free ecosystem. So the option would be that you get another token for your Mustang tokens, which you can then carry accordingly.

That is the maximum we can do for you. We will not just go like other projects and leave you with nothing, saying “the project has failed”. Please remember that we are just as damaged. It is the last card we can play so that Valerian does not break the project and your tokens do not become worthless!

Here you can track his wallets:

0x420f251f8377fd4f183d7202cc208afba026282b 0x1C6809Cf9299B43318652744D058604A91E6283d 0x509357acD270392BEebD62dd18319aA060630f6b 0xb41612e8f5c97e6046461a8f32bd26fa17982e5a 0x6b092a96d8d11a6a4ef26549c39dc540ede67c75 0x60718c38aff0c62ff14a6e63852fe9951d916736 0x4b20628dad50d0459b078bdeeb526b282ebf4788 0xa0adf87c623766d706ea1a8e6d02b92a8963efaa 0xdcd7750e1a2024c4a57999458c9dcaa0e02ca6a1 0x74fe82767185160e2372390e5db32a1774729b84 0xf2d14aab3044b6963e7853e039729e3eef8539c8 0xe4227f5cba75331bddd954c15edd58ca6ba8f4a8 0x975155713e362c9bbec89c83acb49e808d0b3514 0x1b8c0081c9a280e704598ab35a21afb45d156ca7 0x99ae9d37695a0ea0b8770a6543b843167cb38d97 0x876e8dd8f393a584a6c7bb10f2751b6ab219ae35 0xdca942650a0b040780cd9c26854f37cd0cf16fb5 0x6c0411d32db6bfbfe87dfcf76db9c5ab9dadcf7e 0xcf7366abe918a9d6c66f8b3105f7947ecf936cec 0x665c35826e2625a88942f5ca2d9b5a7132e80104 0x63310ec0cd418225fe43f4705b2fc42427b58e85 0xf203b50368eac5111dc54bb24426781f59540ee8 0x4413748895dd8c92b4a4083446890e048effe4b0 0x3e15ca989b0ce7e442c5ee1190a7979ca3dd403b 0x52dc70ffd22cae029a643dcc47fd1c55080fccca 0x0aC3FAA94174fE38C23Aebcc37B964D16275F673


About Mustangtoken

A new token has entered the wild west of the cryptoworld. For weeks our team has been working to create the best possible token that will be more than just a new meme token.

Mustangtoken reflects the independent and tenacious character of the Majestic Creature. In addition to the committed marketing team, the strong and fast growing community, as well as the sophisticated source code and the burning strategy, the developers already have a charity partnership with Liberty HomeThey are committed to ensuring that retired racehorses are not slaughtered after their service but are retrained as free time riding for children. But let’s get to how the horse is saddled:

– Liquidity is locked

– Presale on April 8th the pancake release for 2 hours immediately afterwards

– Thanks to an extensive marketing campaign, the project already has a large community before it even starts

– Transparent charity projects with photos and videos of the rescued horses

– With every transaction 5% goes into the locked liquidity pool and 5% goes to the holder!

– Manual burnings – 310 trillion tokens will be burned shortly after the launch

– Smartcontract is already verified

– Coingecko, Coinmarketcap & Coinstats are requested directly at the launch.

– Large professional developer and marketing team

– Cool stickers & memes – Regular AMAs on Discord and later on Twitch

Road Map

Roadmap Q1:

We have started planning the Mustangtoken. To this end, we have put together a strong team of individual personalities, developed the concept, written the source code and prepared ourselves for our social media presence as well as looking for partners and collaborations.

Roadmap Q2

Official launch of the Mustangtoken, we have also contacted Coingecko, Coinstats and Coinmarketcap to be listed in the near future. In addition, we have started a large marketing campaign to build up a large community before the start. We have secured the brand name and thus formed the basis for the legal foundation that we need for later audits

Roadmap Q3:

We will start with integrating the Mustangtoken into different exchanges. The first target here will be Whitebit. In addition, work begins on the Mustangtoken NFTs as well as the development of a Mustangtoken wallet, Mustang token app and the official sale of our merchandise

Roadmap Q4:

Our NFT`s, wallet and app will be released. We will also be listed on other exchanges.

Exclusion of liability!

We are not a financial product! Only invest what you can lose! Invest at your own risk!